How To Get Your First Sale On Shopify? (2020 Guide)

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Shopify is an online selling platform with potential to make you a millionaire as a seller only if you are ready to put some hard work and effort in. As someone who starts a business retail on Shopify now, when the platform has reached the heights of fame, the major concern could be about how to get that first sale quickly.

Recent stats indicate that by the time 2020’s lockdown reached its peak, there has been a 45% increase in sales made by the stores who never ever made a sale. While it may sound like even the most inactive stores on Shopify are about to join the competition, making it more stiff, there’s a golden lining to this cloud too.

Due to success chances for even the most inactive stores have increased, as a new seller you can also generate your first sale quite quickly. You just have to put in some effort both BEFORE initializing your store on Shopify and once AFTER it is ready, you can expect the rest to happen on its own.

How Can I Ensure an Easy and Quick First Sale?

Before you launch your Shopify store, there is a lot of intellectual home work required if you want to ensure success. We strongly suggest you work on the following lines before even beginning to register your store on Shopify:

  • Choosing something unique to sell is the key. You should consider introducing something that can resolve people’s most minor and annoying problems or something that you yourself find quite interesting. Even if you’re selling something as common as a t-shirt, your job is to add that unique touch to it that can make it attractive.
  • Get a unique brand name that itself speaks volumes about your brand and its concept.
  • Understand the basics of Shopify beforehand. Watch YouTube tutorials to begin with and have some knowledge about Shopify App store and its benefits.
  • Understand drop shipping stores and find some suppliers if you want to go with a drop shipping store yourself
  • Figure out what makes you different from others and endorse it
  • Set some goals and decide your profit margins and products’ prices
  • Talk to someone who already runs a Shopify store to understand this platform better

Now that all of this is done, here’s how you can start your store and anticipate the first sale:

Tactics to get quicker initial sales on Shopify 

Well, there is not just one way that you can follow to ensure a quicker first sale. You also need to understand there’s no such thing as a ‘magic wand’ to help you get your first buyer right after you setup the store. It takes effort and time. 

This is why we would like to suggest that you follow as many of these tips and tricks as you can RELIGIOUSLY, and take these in the long run if you really want to see their results in terms of making quicker sales and generating better profits.

  1. Email about your launch to your close circles

As a Shopify seller, underestimating the power of sending out bulk emails about your store is something you should never indulge yourself in. When starting the store, you must keep a long list of closer friends, previous buyers, and family ready to whom you would send an email about your stores launch and offerings.

Make sure your email has an interesting subject line so that the receivers are compelled to open it. Also, keep the message in your email brief yet intriguing enough to get people to open your store and consider giving it a shout out. 

Usually, the first few sales are done to your close relatives and friends, so emailing them and keeping them in loop about your store’s launch is essential. 

Once your store start running well, you can continue with the emailing business, this time with an expanded list and also making use of Shopify apps such as the Stocki. This Shopify app sends email to your customers who abandoned checkout after putting the product in a cart. The email is sent to them informing them about the product running out of stock, creating a sense of urgency so that they may purchase it quickly.

  1. Giving irresistible offers 

There is nothing better to drive a new buyer crazy then offering a hefty discount or promo for them on a store that is a new born with no reviews available. Use sponsored Instagram and Facebook ads to your benefit and endorse a great discount for the first few customers.

You can also ask bloggers to collaborate with you in endorsing your store by sending them some sort of a ‘PR package’ (in simple words, freebies!). Moreover, you can give some free products to those buying for the first time, offer them an entry in a lucky draw, or can give them a loyalty card for some months if you like. 

  1. Join Reddit and use it actively

Reddit can be a great place to meet those who’d be interested in what you have to sell. Best way to promote your products on Reddit is by joining relevant sub reddits and actively engaging. After you have started to post regularly and have established your worth for community members by participating in meaningful discussions, take the opportunity to introduce your store and products to let people buy them from you. This must be done without sounding much pushy/spammy likes a bible salesman or without ‘going over the moon’ while praising your product (unless you’re selling the cure for cancer on your Shopify store.)

Other than these, you can consider running some boosted social media campaigning about your store’s launch. Use Apps and social media public marketing platform to your benefit and design a store that no one can resist so that you can generate quicker sales.

Lastly, it’s not just the first sale that determines your store’s success, rather every sale holds some value.  So make sure to work hard, keep on providing quality and stay loyal to your buyers ALWAYS. In return, your buyers will market YOUR Shopify store for you!