Some Amazing Shopify Success Stories To Boost Sellers Confidence

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As someone being told to start a business via Shopify, your first thought usually is about how you can manage to thrive at a place with such a stiff competition. Looking at it from a seller’s perspective, this thought is totally natural and the fear of competition is quite justified too.

With millions of sellers running their businesses on Shopify for years, it’s natural for an average seller with minimal investments to feel like they have no chances of success. Starting out, you don’t really know what can make you a favorite of the shoppers and how can you earn repute on Shopify.

The fear gets doubled when you’re working all alone and have no one to guide you or help you financially. If you feel this way, continue to read ahead!

According to the stats put together by, Shopify had around 218 million buyers from around 175 countries of the world between August 2019 and May 2020. With such a huge population trusting Shopify, there’s no obvious reason that a seller like you can’t make it big. All you need is the passion to succeed and a lot of effort that you can put in your Shopify venture, the rest will be decided by fate.

But wait, you say you don’t know how exactly to put up a successful Shopify working plan and are a little afraid if you’d actually make it big on Shopify or not! Don’t worry, here are some of our favorite Shopify success stories to give you the boost you need to work passionately on your Shopify business. 

These success stories come with some implicit lessons that you can employ on your Shopify ventures too. Who knows, one day your success story might be there to impress someone else!

#1. QuadLock

It sometimes feels a little unreal as to how someone just selling mounts for mobile phones for their easy attachment with bicycles and cars can make it so big. If you are a bit into Shopify retails, you must have heard QuadLock’s name. This small Shopify store started in 2012, with just one person running it. The store sells mobile mounts to help your use your phones on the go without having to use your hands.

The owner of this store simply started off his venture out of his passion for cycling and the annoyance he faced when he’d to look for maps’ directions and had no hands-free mobile phone placement solution. Over time, the QuadLock store has made it big on Shopify, with its buyers returning every other month. 

Lessons learnt from the owner:

  • Focus on selling your product and providing buyers with some value in it.
  • Make sure your product has demand. If the owner was to sell same product in a city where people don’t even ride bicycles, obviously the store wouldn’t have became a hit!
  • Its just the product and its effectiveness that makes a seller successful on Shopify. No extra efforts in adding colorful themes or such decorating efforts can attract the buyers. Basically, focus on the stuff that helps generate you sales. Ignore everything else.

#2. District of Clothing

Clothing merchandises tend to do well as an ecommerce store no matter where they run. However, this clothing store on Shopify is a wonder all drop-shipping sellers need to know of.

This store provides print on demand shirt to the buyers with some of the most motivating messages printed on the tees. Just selling such a simple product has helped the owner of this store make whooping profits in no time. 

Lessons learnt from the owner:

  • Your marketing campaign must be something unique to attract potential buyers
  • Social media influencers can be of great help when trying to expand your Shopify business
  • Taking risks is the key to success
  • Someone who can’t plan their budget nicely is not really going to make it big in the long run

#3. Leesa

From mounting stands to shirts and now mattresses, Shopify is full or variety.  This store is a success story of a guy who simply started off with the idea to create a mattress that can help people sleep well. Luckily Leesa succeeded and now has quite enough repute in the market. 

This Shopify store made it big very easily even when there were other online competitors out there with better business investments.

Lessons learnt from the owner:

  • Creating something that can provide comfort and bring ease for the buyer should be a seller’s first priority
  • Even a simple idea can make you a successful seller if you invest your mind and energy in it
  • Search the market to see what your competitors are providing. Always go a step ahead in terms of offerings and a little lower in terms of demands

#4. BestSelf.Co

This is a store with a name enough to attract buyers towards it. BestSelf.Co started with the idea of helping people become their best version. This led the owners to sell products that boost one’s productivity and management skills. The signature offering of this store is a journal that can help the users stay motivated and better at planning their daily activities and goals.

The owners, who made the product initially for themselves, felt like many would need it and thus launched it on Shopify where they not only generated sales and fame but were also provided funds to grow more.

Lessons learnt from the owner:

  • Always prepare a list of people who you would inform about the launch of your new product. Sending marketing emails that are powerful enough to get people to invest is the key to generating sales
  • Nothing sells better than something that can provide comfort and benefit to a buyer
  • If you aren’t finding your products magical, no one else will

These were just a few of the most inspiring Shopify success stories. You can always surf the web to read more so that you can use the tricks and lessons from these successful store owners for yourself. Speaking of tricks, make sure to use the right Shopify apps for your store as they can make a day and night difference in your sales. One of the great Shopify apps is the Stocki, which is an Shopify app that lets you send emails to all those buyers who left the products without checking out. This app basically lets your buyers know that the product is running out, increasing the chances of sales by creating a sense of urgency.