Some Must Have Shopify Apps for Every Seller

must have apps

When it comes to working efficiently and always staying ahead of others in the competition, nothing better than a sheer reliance on technology can help you win the race. The same goes for Shopify and other ecommerce sellers. 

When trying to become a successful Shopify seller, apps and technology should be your best friends. Without bringing these added tools and advancements under the best use, you can’t expect to be a top seller on the world’s 3rd biggest online ecommerce platform. 

Thankfully, the fame of Shopify has led many developers to develop applications that cater to different needs of Shopify merchants, helping them becoming successful. While some of these apps are free of cost, others might require you to pay a bit. The choice of for which app you want to go depends on you.

Another thing worth noting is that all these best Shopify apps are meant to help you with different things. Your success of Shopify depends on these following factors and it’s best to make use of a Shopify application to help you with each of these:

  • SEO 
  • Conversion optimization and marketing related tasks
  • Content creation
  • Selling channels
  • Payments
  • Customer services
  • Inventory management (If you’re not a drop shipping seller)

No matter which specific application you choose, you’re ultimately going to get successful in your Shopify venture with increased sales and better traffic by utilizing a great Shopify app. 

Here are the MUST HAVE Shopify apps for each of these purposes that you might be missing out on. 

  1. Plug In SEO – Must have SEO app for Shopify 

In the modern day world of competition, every brand wants their name to be ranked as higher as possible on the Google search results. This leads them to tend to SEO tools to help them out. Shopify stores are no exception to this as well.

Plug In SEO application is a great tool for anyone looking forward to getting their Shopify store ranked on the top in Google search results. Using this app, merchants and sellers can troubleshoot and fix their SEO related problems, ultimately leading to better and more traffic on their online store.

The app comes with a variety of SEO management features and most of these are readily available in the free version. In case you want to make more use of it, you can also buy premium version of the app in decent rates.

  1. Referral Candy – Must Have Marketing and Optimization App

If you want your sales to become doubled in no time, you’d have to devise a mechanism through which your single buyer refers your store to around 2-3 people more. 

Luckily, we have Referral Candy, an app that allows Shopify sellers to reward those buyers who refer the store to their friends and family. This app comes with a range of features and customization possibilities as well as a dash board for you to manage and track record easily. 

The only con is that this app requires you to pay some monthly fee, which isn’t really a bad thing considering that using Referral candy can help increase your sales through ‘word of mouth marketing’.

  1. Social Photos – Must Have for Great Shopify Content

Featured on Shopify’s official app store, this application can help you use the power of visuals to drive more sales. Using this app, you can collect the photos of your customers with your products that they post on Instagram tagging your page(s). 

This way, you don’t only make your customers happy with your recognition but also generate a proof of your brand’s credibility that can compel new people to put their trust in you. Not only this, you can also use Social photos to create galleries with best photos highlighted and categorized for ease of your new visitors.

  1. Facebook Live Chat – Best App To Step Up Your Customer Services

Nothing feels greater to a customer with some urgent queries than your store having a live chat feature. Luckily, Facebook Live Chat can help you cater to your potential customers needs in real time, without having you to pay unless you want to use it for multiple sites. 

Surveys indicate that introducing any kind of Live Chat usually raises the business’s sales stats and get more new people to trust the business easily.

Live chat feature is quite easy to use and may feel very rewarding if you arrange someone to look after it 24-7.

  1. AfterShip Returns – The Must Have for Inventory and Shipping Management

Inventory management is not an easy deal. It can get even worse when it comes along the pain of managing the returns from your customers. Despite that, a good seller tries their best to manage the returned items as efficient as possible because it has a lot to do with your store’s reputation.

AfterShip returns is an application that eases all the pain of returned items. It provides the store owners with branded return centers where the buyers can easily return their products. Using this app, you can track the returns and can send relevant notifications to the buyers who returned the item without having to put in a lot of effort.

  1. Recurring Payments – Must Have App to Ease Payments Related Tasks

If your store is doing great in terms of sales and buyers than managing payments could be a little painful. There is so much going on that getting yourself stuck in money and numbers could inflict a lot of pain.

Recurring Payments makes it easier for you to put all such in the hands of your customers, who can then manage their payments and keep track of their accounts on their own.

The app also allows your generate auto invoices and let your customers choose whatever method they want to pay your for their purchases.

  1. Stocki – Must Have App to Increase Sales

Stocki is an amazing tool to help you generate more sales after people abandon a product at checkout. Using this app, you can send emails to your buyers about your store running out of the product that they have left in the cart without checking out.

Such an email creates a ‘sense of urgency’, which encourages the buyer to purchase fast in fear of missing out the opportunity.